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Tiered Planter

Before moving I gave away quite a few of our in door plants.  Since we were moving so far I didn't want to worry about them moving, spilling or dying during the move. So when we got up to Washington I had to start collecting them again. Along with those plants I gave away their containers though! Time to make a few more!!  Last year I posted a diy on making a hanging planter to expand on that planter this year I wanted to share how to make a 3 tiered planter. A great way to show off all of...
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Recycled Hanging Planters

  After Christmas my husband is always a sweetheart and breaks down the Christmas tree so that I can keep the trunk then we usually burn the branches in our fire pit. There’s so many different fun projects you can do it the trunk of the tree and it’s a great way to recycle rather than just tossing it or burning it. Plus there’s not very many tree trunks you often come across in Arizona so you have to save every one you can. If you live somewhere with lots of tree or if you are doing some yard work...
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  I LOVE PLANTS!!! I love them in inside and outside, I love them everywhere! They add life to your home and make it feel more welcoming and warm. Now with little Miss. Mae being mobile and getting into everything (as most moms know) I have had to get creative with where to put them.  I have them on shelves, counter tops, side tables, where ever they are out of her reach.  I am running out of space though, so I decided to make some cute hanging planters. Today I put together one that has been very popular on my...
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