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About me


Hi. This is where you get to learn a bit more about me, enjoy!  My husband Gabe and I have an adorable 2 year old Mae. Who has quite the little personality. We recently relocated from the Arizona dessert to Washington forest.  We our loving small town life so far and enjoying the cooler weather for a change.  We also have a few furry members you might see pop up through out my blog our great dane Rosie, our cats Freddy and Randy, and our not so furry tortoise Tito.

I currently own Nidify LLC a home décor store on Etsy and am a stay at home mom.  I started my business 7 years ago shortly after my husband and I were married. Our wedding was a fun creative outlet where I was able to show off what I love to do. After which I had many people asking about the pieces that I created and I decide to start selling them online.  Since starting my business I constantly have family, friends, and customers asking how items are made or what products I like to use etc. That is how this blog has come about.

Here you will be able to find tutorials, diy, and learn a bit more about me, and my family along the way. If you find something you like online or at my store and want to learn to make message me and I will be happy to give you a tutorial.

Thanks for reading! xx. Sarah